What is an artist anyway

 I don't think anyone should call himself an artist until he is recognized as such by a third party and even then it's a daring thing to do. To live up to that name is a big responsibility.

"Artists are by no means men of great passion but they often pretend to be, in the unconscious feeling that their painted passions will seem more believable if their own life speaks for their experience in this field. One has only to let oneself go, to abandon self-control, to give rein to one's anger or desires; at once all the world cries: how passionate he is! But deep-rooted passion, passion which gnaws at the individual and often consumes him, is a thing of some consequence: he who experiences such passion certainly does not describe it in dramas, music or novels. Artists are often unbridled individuals to the extent that they are not artists: but that is something else."

© 2018 Zara Aleksanyan Stavrou